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Best Car Washing Mitts Reviews in 2023


Do you usually try to drive the newest, cleanest car available? We are all, after all. Regular vehicle cleaning guarantees that you not only roll down the street in style but also that you are happy when traveling from point A to point B.

We all know that buying a car is an expensive investment, therefore you want to keep it in the best condition you can.

Fortunately, keeping a car clean is today quite simple, inexpensive, and not nearly as time-consuming as it once was thanks to all the equipment, things, and accessories at our disposal.

Of course, cleaning your car involves more than just dumping some water and soap into a bucket and sprinkling it around. To complete the task effectively, you must have the appropriate instruments.

Many people clean their cars using a car wash sponge, but that’s not always the greatest option.

While sponges can (and often do) clean, they sometimes leave unsightly swirls and streaks behind. These over time can seriously harm your car’s paint, requiring expensive repairs that you’ll have to pay later.

The good news is that by utilizing the best car wash mitts for your vehicle’s needs, this may be prevented. Without affecting the paint work, you may make it sparkle and appear brand new once more.

Stay with us and read our guide to discover all the advantages car wash mitts have for you and your vehicle, the various types you can select from, and what to look for in these goods to get the greatest experience.

List of The Best Car Washing Mitts in 2023 on

1. Meguiar’s X3002 Microfiber Wash Mitt, editor’s choice

 1. Meguiar's X3002 Microfiber Wash Mitt, editor's choice

Unexpectedly, our editor’s choice for the finest car wash mitt also happens to be one of the greatest prices on our list and comes from one of the most reputable brands in the business for car care goods. Meguiar’s car wash mitt is composed of microfiber, which, like the most of the items on this list, claims to be extremely absorbent and soft enough not to harm your car’s gloss.

According to Meguiar’s, the fine-weave fabric of its mitt will lift, trap, and retain the dirt it gathers away from the paintwork of your vehicle to prevent the fine swirl marks that can damage your car’s gloss. The firm advises using the two-bucket method to wash your car (which we go over in more depth at the conclusion of this post) for optimal results. They also advise using a grit guard to assist you remove additional debris from the mitt before washing it again.

This mitt has a snug sleeve to help you keep a strong grip and is eight inches by ten inches for effective washing. Additionally, it can be machine-washed, but only alongside other microfiber products to prevent lint buildup in the mitt.

2. SCRUBIT 2-Pack Car Wash Mitt, Best Value/Best For Small Hands

 2. SCRUBIT 2-Pack Car Wash Mitt, Best ValueBest For Small Hands

We’re constantly searching for excellent things we can recommend to you at a competitive price when we create our best-of lists. For this 2-pack of microfiber wash mitts, SCRUBIT is our top pick for value. These orange-colored mitts resemble a hand full of cheese-flavored nibbles on a glove. They are considerably softer (and less crunchy) than that, we can guarantee you. For a scratch-free wash, the deep-pile noodles guarantee to soak up a lot of soapy water and lift dirt and grit up and away from your car’s finish.

We don’t believe SCRUBIT’s claim that these gloves can fit hands of all sizes because several customers complained that the mitts were too small for their hands. Consider it this way, though: SCRUBIT’s smaller product might be a better fit for you if you’re worried some mitts will be too large for you.

These mittens are machine washable, much like the majority of the other gloves on our list, as long as you wash and dry them on the easy cycle without using fabric softener.

3. Mary Moppins Wash Mitt, the best item made of pure lambswool.

 3. Mary Moppins Wash Mitt, the best item made of pure lambswool.

We suggest taking a look at this mitt, which is composed of 100% pure lambswool, if you prefer natural fibers. Lambswool is the ideal material for washing your automobile, as many expert car detailers will tell you, and our Mary Moppins product lives up to that reputation. Although this well-made, all-natural glove is more expensive than many synthetic wash mitts, it should last you for years while keeping your car clean.

If you have small hands, you might find this huge mitt awkward to use, especially because it becomes fairly heavy when filled with water. Using a pure lambswool mitt has one drawback: after washing your automobile, you have to be more careful with how you clean it. The finest outcomes come from using a wool-specific cleaning and allowing the mitt to air dry.

While Mary Moppins’ wash mitt is the item we’re talking about here, the business also produces lambswool mops you can attach to a long handle to clean tall vehicles like RVs or the roof of an SUV.

4. Chemical Guys Bear Claw Wheel Cleaner

 4. Chemical Guys Bear Claw Wheel Cleaner

With the Bear Claw wash mitt, Chemical Guys differs slightly from many of its competition. Instead of the microfiber chenille material you’ll find in the majority of the other items on this list, it is constructed of synthetic wool fur. According to the manufacturer, the extra soft synthetic material used in this mitt will protect your car’s finish while it lifts and traps dirt. Additionally, it promises to carry more water than five times its weight, saving you visits to the wash bucket.

You might be asking why we think that this mitt is the greatest option for washing wheels at this point. This is because wool can become tangled on the edges of badges and other trim items, and fine lint may be left behind after washing and end up on your car’s windows and bodywork. As a result, we advise you to purchase this glove specifically for use on your car’s wheels, where lint will be less obvious and there won’t be any sharp edges for the mitt to catch on.

5. Unwavering Drive 2-Pack of Cyclone Car Wash Mitts

 5. Unwavering Drive 2-Pack of Cyclone Car Wash Mitts

A two-pack of the Cyclone car wash mitt from Relentless Drive is another high-quality item to make washing your car more fun. Even while this kit is not quite as inexpensive as some of our other budget picks, its smart design makes it a desirable choice.

Since Relentless Drive uses thousands of tiny microfiber strands, you may anticipate that this washing mitt will hold seven times its weight in soapy water. You may save one glove for cleaning the hard surfaces inside your car because this mitt is said to be good at dusting dry surfaces as well. The size of this wash mitt is 11 inches long and 8 inches wide. When the mitt is full of water, a wrist cuff and an inside grip strap assist you maintain control of it.

You may throw this mitt in the laundry after you’ve finished cleaning your car to get it ready for the next wash. To preserve the softness and absorbency of the microfiber strands, Relentless Drive advises tumble drying the mitt on low heat.

6. Mothers Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt

 6. Mothers Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt

Here is a wash mitt from yet another well-known brand in the car maintenance goods sector. You can rely on Mothers’ mitt to absorb a lot of suds because it is made with microfiber chenille that is twisted into substantial caterpillar-like bunches. These thick fibers are made to remove dirt, lift it off your car’s surface, and hold it there until you rinse the mitt. This is important because it prevents you from dragging dust across the paint and scratching it.

While this mitt, like the others on our list, is primarily made to help you properly clean your car’s painted surfaces, another advantage of its plush chenille fibers is that you can use them to safely wash the vinyl windows that are frequently used in convertible tops.

The knitted elastic cuff of this one-size mitt is intended to assist you keep it on your hand even when it is filled with water. However, if your hands are smaller than typical, you could find this huge mitt difficult to handle. According to Mothers, the wash mitt is machine washable for quick cleanup.

7. Microfiber Car Wash Mitt by Adam’s Polishes

 7. Microfiber Car Wash Mitt by Adam's Polishes

The “new” wash mitt from Adam’s Polishes is one of the company’s goods, according to the company’s philosophy, which focuses on constant product improvement. This product is an improvement over an earlier model; according to feedback made by customers, an interior seam was introduced to aid in guiding your fingertips into confined spaces of your vehicle’s bodywork.

In order to hold more water and suds, this new design also claims to be plusher and thicker. According to other remarks, this mitt should fit comfortably regardless of the size of your hands. This mitt, which is made from a combination of synthetic microfibers, guarantees long-lasting, scratch-free washing for the finish of your car. With a fabric weight of 1,500 grams per square meter, it absorbs water and soap significantly more quickly, saving you time and energy on wash day.

You may wash this mitt in your laundry to get it ready for your upcoming vehicle wash, just like the other ones on our list.

8. Detailer’s Choice Microfiber Cleaning Glove by Eurow

 8. Detailer's Choice Microfiber Cleaning Glove by Eurow

Here’s a design that we find surprising it’s not more popular: a car wash mitt that resembles a glove. This product promises to make it simpler for you to reach challenging areas of your vehicle’s bodywork despite being made of a microfiber material comparable to those of the other items on our list. This could be one of your greatest options for a wash mitt if you drive a contemporary car with intricate detailing.

We anticipate that you will use this mitt most frequently when cleaning aluminum wheels, particularly if they have a complex design with numerous tiny gaps where brake dust and salt might collect. If you already have a favorite exterior wash mitt, you might want to give this one a try while dusting the inside of your car. The slats of your automobile or truck’s air vents or the area surrounding the buttons and knobs on the dashboard will be simpler to clean thanks to its distinct fingers.

No matter if you are right- or left-handed, you can effortlessly switch this glove from one hand to the other depending on your cleaning needs because it is ambidextrous.

9. ExcellentCool Three-in-One Car Wash Mitt

 9. ExcellentCool Three-in-One Car Wash Mitt

On our list of the top car wash mitts, this item may be the most adaptable. Three distinct materials were combined into one mitt by GreatCool in an ingenious move that promised to effectively clean every external surface of your car. The mitt has thick, green chenille caterpillars on one side that you may use to wash and scrub the bodywork of your automobile or truck. The material GreatCool claims is ideal for cleaning painted surfaces in greater detail is a grey velvet on the opposing side. The sides of this mitt are finished with a mesh that can be used to clean glass or remove stains from painted surfaces.

This mitt can be used dry to dust and clean the interior of your car’s hard surfaces. The fact that you could purchase multiples of this mitt and assign each one to a different duty is an added benefit.

Although this glove may perform a variety of tasks, other items on this list that are made for a single sort of cleaning are likely to perform each of them better, according to comments made by previous customers.

10. Chenille microfiber car wash mitt from Chemical Guys

 10. Chenille microfiber car wash mitt from Chemical Guys

The broad range of colors on this Chemical Guys chenille microfiber wash mitt initially seems like fun. The business claims that there is more to it than that. They provide this mitt in so many colors in part so that you can purchase more than one and easily distinguish between them. Then, depending on how concerned you are with protecting the paint finish on highly visible areas of the bodywork, you can use each one to wash different parts of your car.

Regardless of the shade you select, Chemical Guys crafts this mitt from dense microfiber braided into caterpillar-sized strands that promise to soak up a lot of detergent and shampoo while shielding the bodywork of your car from dings and scratches. With a big size of 12 inches length and 8 inches wide, you can swiftly and effectively wash your car.

You can put this mitt in your laundry machines after you’ve finished cleaning your automobile. This mitt should be washed separately and dried on a low/delicate setting, according to Chemical Guys.