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Best Compression Gloves for Arthritis in 2023 Reviews

Compression gloves may help with hand tingling and pain management as well as circulation support. They function by gently compressing your hand veins to promote healthy circulation and reduce inflammation, which can lead to joint pain.

Compression gloves come in a variety of styles to address additional problems like sweaty hands and hand cramps. However, there is little conclusive data in favor of the use of compression gloves in general.

According to anecdotal evidence, using compression gloves makes routine tasks pain-free. Compression gloves may relieve discomfort, according to a few small studies, but there is little evidence to support their use as a long-term remedy.

When you take the gloves off, pain and tingling will probably ultimately return for the majority of people who wear these kinds of gloves. They may very well be useful to you while you are wearing them.

If you’re interested in giving these goods a try, we’ve put up a list of the top compression gloves we could discover to assist you in getting started.

List of The Best Compression Gloves for Arthritis on in 2023

#1 Gloves by Dr. Arthritis for Compression

 Gloves by Dr. Arthritis for Compression

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These straightforward cotton-nylon blend gloves are well-liked by reviewers, created by doctors, and authorized to treat a variety of hand-related inflammatory and circulatory disorders. They are designed to be washable and breathable. Additionally affordable, these gloves have received positive reviews and are described as being cozy enough to wear when dozing off.

These compression gloves are excellent for daily use and are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. But don’t count on them to last indefinitely. Even the most satisfied clients claimed that they anticipated having to replace the gloves every few months.


  • designed for everyday use to relieve chronic pain from arthritis and other conditions
  • They are inexpensive enough to be replaced when required.


  • For more than a few months, they aren’t strong enough to last.

#2 IMAK Gloves for Arthritis

 IMAK Gloves for Arthritis

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The Arthritis Foundation recommends these compression gloves. They are long enough to be put on and taken off more easily than some others, which is especially useful if using other gloves is problematic due to arthritis. Your palms won’t become too sweaty because they are made of a cotton and spandex blend. You can easily perform your regular duties while wearing these gloves thanks to their open design.

Because of their thinner construction, some reviewers expressed dissatisfaction with the stitching. If you use them regularly and they still function well, you might need to replace them soon.


  • Lightweight cotton fabric prevents your hands from perspiring.
  • Because of the added length, it is simple to pull on and off.

#3 Computer gloves by IMAK

 Computer gloves by IMAK

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If you have carpal tunnel syndrome and are shopping for gloves, you should look for gloves that stabilize your wrist joint in addition to providing compression. According to a very tiny 2001 studyTrusted Source, compression gloves may not help with the fundamental cause of carpal tunnel syndrome, which is nerve compression. However, gloves padded with gel may. The ergonomic design, wrist support, and massaging beads in IMAK Computer Gloves help to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome.

These gloves don’t provide a significant amount of compression, but they may aid in preventing a flare-up of carpal tunnel syndrome. Consider a heavier-compression alternative if you wish to address inflammatory disorders like arthritis in addition to carpal tunnel syndrome.


  • These are excellent for daily tasks like typing, playing games, or messaging.
  • While you work, massage beads can lift and support your hands.

#4 Compression gloves from RiptGear

 Compression gloves from RiptGear

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Studies on the effectiveness of copper-infused products for pain alleviation are conflicting. In light of this, the RiptGear Compression Gloves offer some wrist stabilization in addition to a lot of compression. When using them outside, the antibacterial properties of the copper-infused fabric are a major advantage.

When deciding what size to get, keep in mind that customers’ reviews claim that the sizing isn’t consistent throughout the products they received. Be warned that these gloves aren’t the simplest to keep clean; any product containing copper must be hand-washed and cannot be dried.


  • Reviewers claim that when these gloves fit properly, they provide comfortable compression for daily tasks like weightlifting and housework.
  • To prevent the gloves from feeling overly warm, copper infusion is used.


  • According to reviews, the sizing is a little erratic, so go up a size from the suggestions on the sizing chart.
  • Needs to be properly hand-washed and hung up to dry

#5 Full-finger arthritis gloves from Dr. Arthritis

 Full-finger arthritis gloves from Dr. Arthritis

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The majority of compression gloves are often fingerless, which means they finish midway up your finger. You should wear gloves that cover your entire hand if you have pain or swelling in your fingertips. These gloves have fingertip compression for your fingers and your thumb in addition to being built from the same nylon and cotton blend as our “best overall” option. Reviewers also point out that the gloves’ fingertips aid in retaining heat, making them warmer to wear.

The glove seams, which some reviewers believe press too tightly on the wrist and fingers, are a typical complaint from buyers. Even though the seams should be snug to the inner of the glove, loose seams can become uncomfortable after several hours of use.


  • If you have pain in your fingertip joints, a full-fingered design may help.
  • Warm compression that is also breathable and moisture-wicking


  • Reviewers don’t like that using your smartphone with these gloves is difficult.
  • According to some unfavorable reviews, these gloves may not perform as advertised if you have Reynaud’s syndrome.

#6 Premium Arthritis Gloves by Thermoskin

 Premium Arthritis Gloves by Thermoskin

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Compression treatment gloves that also warm your hands help relieve sore, achy joints, especially during the colder months. These gloves are designed to reduce joint swelling by redistributing body heat across your fingertips and hands. If you require more wrist stability, they also come with a wrist strap. The upper layer of the gloves is textured to help you hold things better.

These gloves could warm up, but since they don’t have a heating mechanism, they could not be as warm as heated gloves. You might want to choose a less expensive option for your daily compression gloves because they are also on the more expensive side.


  • Compress the joints while applying moderate heat therapy to them.
  • Textured palms provide for better grip.


  • They aren’t a choice for those on a tighter budget because they are a little pricey.
  • They might provide greater warmth than some of the other choices on our list, but that doesn’t imply persons with joint pain should wear them as cold-weather clothing.

#7 Therapy gloves from Intellinetix

 Therapy gloves from Intellinetix

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Vibrating compression gloves could be helpful if you frequently experience pain in your hand joints. After using vibrating gloves once daily for 20 minutes, women with osteoarthritis reported fewer pain symptoms, according to a small 2017 study. Small motors within these Intellinetix gloves vibrate your hands.

Compression gloves with vibrations are typically far more expensive than standard compression gloves. If you don’t need this feature, you can obtain a fantastic compression glove for a third of the cost. Additionally, carefully review the sizing chart because gloves that don’t fit may not be eligible for returns.


  • offers warmth and pain relief for anyone with Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, or any form of arthritis.
  • Reviewers assert that the vibration feature truly lessens pain.


  • Between each half-hour of use, the vibration feature needs to be charged for an hour.

#8 ComfyBrace Compression Gloves for Arthritis Hands

 ComfyBrace Compression Gloves for Arthritis Hands

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These reasonably priced gloves deliver tight compression with a ton of comfort, and reviews are raving about them. These gloves, according to people with rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and carpal tunnel syndrome, are the easiest to use for the money. They even have a distinctive seam design that other manufacturers can’t claim, which prevents friction and irritation.

Remember that although these gloves are among the least priced on the list, there is a certain element of “you get what you pay for.” While you may initially save money, it’s probable that you’ll need to replace them sooner than you would some other brands. When you think about changing to a more lasting product, the cost difference is only a few dollars.


  • According to reviews, this compression level is ideal for daily typing and home chores.
  • Wearing these prevents your hands from overheating thanks to the moisture-wicking fabric.


  • These might be more of a temporary fix because they won’t last as long as some more pricey options.

#9 Immortals Ironclad PC Gaming Gloves

 Immortals Ironclad PC Gaming Gloves

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Your hands may stiffen up after extended computer or console gaming sessions. Gaming gloves may offer some comfort, but it’s important to pick gloves that still permit movement and don’t cause your hands to become a sweaty, clumsy mess. These gloves are designed to enhance your grip so that you can play video games more effectively while preventing cramps and sweaty fingertips from becoming a problem. Additionally, they are machine washable and contain hand and wrist padding, which can make keyboard gaming sessions more comfortable.

Since these gloves have no fingers, you might still perspire while gaming on your fingertips. Although they are advertised for PC use, they ought to function flawlessly for console gaming. Additionally, you should be aware that these gloves provide less compression than some of the other choices on this list, which makes them excellent for the finger movements needed for gaming but may not be helpful for ailments like arthritis.


  • Your grip will be improved while applying compression.
  • Reviewers appreciate that these gloves are machine washable and have a lengthy shelf life.


  • Some reviewers found the size chart to be confusing and had trouble selecting the proper size.
  • If your hands are prone to sweating a lot, it could feel slippery underneath the glove.