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Top 12 Best Disposable Gloves in 2023 Reviews

Even though we now lean more toward “reusable” than “disposable,” it is still a safe and wise idea to keep disposable gloves on hand. The CDC advises wearing gloves when cleaning, administering first aid, and working in the manufacturing, public administration, and transportation sectors. Additionally, Environmental Health and Safety programs advise wearing heavy-duty gloves when performing any industrial task that could expose you to potentially dangerous products.

Disposable gloves are perfect for everything around the house, including deep cleaning and handling food for backyard barbecues. We discovered alternatives ranging from regular nitrile gloves to robust options. To reduce the risk of allergic reactions, all of our recommendations are latex-free.

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#1 Blue nitrile disposable gloves

 Blue nitrile disposable gloves

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Because they offer excellent protection from the majority of chemicals and infectious agents, nitrile gloves are among the best materials for disposable gloves. The Hand E-Touch Disposable Nitrile Gloves include textured tips for precise control and may be used for a variety of tasks, including food preparation, cleaning, and salon work. These gloves are a favorite choice since they are light and elastic for pleasant wear, but thick enough to offer protection.

#2 Disposable Kleen Chef long cuff poly gloves for handling food

 Disposable Kleen Chef long cuff poly gloves for handling food

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These straightforward, simple-to-put-on clear gloves are made of high-density polyethylene. They are particularly suitable for food handling because to their long cuff shape, which prevents water from seeping into your sleeves, and compliance with FDA requirements.

The disposable food handling long cuff poly gloves from Kleen Chef are a wonderful barrier to prevent cross-contamination, but they shouldn’t be used in place of proper handwashing before and after food preparation.

#3 Heavy-Duty Industrial Nitrile Gloves with Diamond Grip Box from Gloveworks

 Heavy-Duty Industrial Nitrile Gloves with Diamond Grip Box from Gloveworks

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Protective gloves are essential while working with heavy equipment or harmful substances to avoid skin contact exposure. The Heavy-Duty Industrial Nitrile Gloves with Diamond Grip Box from Gloveworks are designed for heavy-duty labor and are highly resistant to ripping thanks to their thick, textured protection.

These gloves are chemical and puncture resistant, and they have good flexibility. These premium nitrile gloves are excellent for purposes in the plumbing, painting, cleaning, and automotive industries.

#4 Nitrile Solvent-Resistant Gloves from Mr. Clean

 Nitrile Solvent-Resistant Gloves from Mr. Clean

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One of the most recognizable names in the cleaning industry is Mr. Clean, but that isn’t the only factor making the company’s nitrile solvent-resistant gloves suitable for cleaning up household messes and grime. When it comes time to clean kitchen countertops, sink faucets, or furnishings, you must have gloves that are well-designed to prevent residue from seeping onto your fingers or palms.

The gloves have a beaded cuff to help them stay on better when cleaning and are excellent for delicate skin.

#5 Medical vinyl examination gloves from Medpride

 Medical vinyl examination gloves from Medpride

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You might not want to spend a lot on gloves that you just use once. Medical Vinyl Examination Gloves from Medpride are a reasonably priced alternative that aren’t quite as thick as nitrile gloves but are still an improvement over shoddy plastic gloves that are prone to breaks. To ensure a good fit, they are available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes.

These gloves are suitable for usage by healthcare professionals and those providing home or hospice care, but they are also an inexpensive option if you just need some disposable gloves for around the house.

#6 Dre Health Disposable Gloves Without Powder

 Dre Health Disposable Gloves Without Powder

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The Powder-Free Disposable Gloves from Dre Health are constructed of a sturdy nitrile blend that provides optimal stretch and exceptional grip. This bulk option delivers substantial value, making it a great choice for individuals who need to provide gloves to employees or who work in a field that requires constant access to disposable gloves.

The beaded cuffs keep these gloves from slipping while being used for everything from medical checks to gardening. To ensure a good fit, they also come in four sizes.

#7 Ammex Gloveworks Industrial Green

 Ammex Gloveworks Industrial Green

The Industrial Green gloves from Ammex Gloveworks are capable of handling most difficult tasks. Their thick nitrile material, which we tested, had the best cut and puncture resistance of any glove we tried. When working with greasy or wet materials, the outside is textured with tiny bumps that significantly increase friction and lower the likelihood that you will drop whatever you’re holding. The gloves’ added thickness means that they provide a respectable level of temperature resistance. They are excellent for dishwashing or automotive repair because of it and their gippy outers.

These gloves are pretty thick, so they can cause you some difficulty if you’re doing delicate work that calls for extreme dexterity and tactile sensitivity. While they do go on effortlessly, taking them off requires a little tugging. Overall, these gloves were the most adaptable and durable ones we tried, making them perfect for messy jobs like cooking, cleaning, or working on cars.

#8 Exam for latex cure

 Exam for latex cure

For those without latex allergies, the Curad Latex Exam gloves are a comfortable and long-lasting solution. Smooth latex feels kind against the skin and easily slips on. They provide a considerable amount of protection from cuts and punctures. They aren’t particularly thick, but they are thick enough to endure some abuse without severely reducing your tactile sensitivity.

Although some of the gloves were torn by our testers as they attempted to put them on, these gloves proved to be sturdy in usage. Although they provide some protection from hot temperatures, they wouldn’t be our first choice for prolonged dishwashing. As long as you’re okay with latex, these cozy gloves are ideal for cleaning, cooking, and any other sticky tasks.

#9 Examining Basic Vinyl Synthetic

 Examining Basic Vinyl Synthetic

One of our more economical test gloves is the Basic Vinyl Synthetic Exam. Although it doesn’t interfere with using touchscreens and trackpads, the thin vinyl nonetheless provides some protection from boiling water.

These gloves are challenging to put on and have little give, which significantly affects hand dexterity. It was unpredictable if the gloves would rip at the wrist when put on. Additionally, they provided only fair protection to cuts and punctures. These gloves are perfect for those who want to avoid latex while still finding exam gloves that are more cheap than most nitrile options.

#10 Exam for Dre Health Nitrile

 Exam for Dre Health Nitrile

Another high-quality non-latex option is the Dre Health Nitrile Exam. These nitrile gloves are strong and cozy, with above-average cut and puncture resistance. The nitrile material is flexible and form-fitting, and it doesn’t significantly reduce tactile sensitivity.

The size of these gloves is where we noticed their largest issue. Even in comparison to the other Dre Health gloves we evaluated, these are exceedingly small. They don’t provide any real, significant protection from hot water, like the other nitrile gloves we tried, but they work well for almost anything else you could require a disposable glove for.

#11 Nitrile Wostar Multi-Purpose

 Nitrile Wostar Multi-Purpose

The thinnest nitrile product we examined is Wostar Multi-Purpose Nitrile. These light, cozy gloves provide incredible tactile sensitivity without sacrificing toughness. Even though they weren’t the most durable pair, they nevertheless offered decent cut and puncture resistance given their thinness. They fit your full hand well and seldom interfere with natural hand motion.

Although they are a little challenging to put on, these gloves fit beautifully once they are. Nearly no protection from hot water is provided by the thin nitrile material. These gloves are perfect for anyone seeking for a pair of gloves that are incredibly thin and increase tactile awareness.

#12 Disposable vinyl Clinivex

 Disposable vinyl Clinivex

The Clinivex Disposable Vinyl easily slides on and off. If anything, they run a touch large and run true to size. In our testing, we found that it is always a good idea to err on the side of a larger size because gloves that are too small frequently wind up tearing.

When conducting delicate jobs, the thick vinyl is somewhat constrictive and has little stretch. These gloves provide just fair cut and puncture resistance and little heat protection. They are perfect for jobs requiring you to wear gloves all day long, including cleaning or working in the food industry, where dexterity is less crucial.