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Best Fingerless Cycling Gloves in 2023 Reviews

The purpose of fingerless gloves is to still offer some warmth during chilly rides and additional comfort from padding, should that feature be present in the particular glove. You can choose from a variety of top-notch fingerless leather cycling gloves from this list.

They are not only expertly made, but they also provide protection and benefit from leather’s inherent ability to improve grip while still remaining breathable and robust. Variations are available in either Hirzl’s incredibly durable kangaroo leather or premium Pittards leather.

Here are my top selections for the best leather fingerless cycling gloves without further ado.

List of The Best Fingerless Cycling Gloves in 2023 on

#1 Gloves, Giro LX

 Gloves, Giro LX

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The stunning Giro LX bicycle gloves are available in tan, white, and black. The pierced upper also lends them a vintage appearance. It would look really good if you chose the tan version, and it would go great with a classic road or touring bike.

These complete gloves include thick padding to relieve pressure on the ulnar nerve and the inside of the thumb when using the brake levers on road cycles. They are constructed of premium Pittards leather.

Its high price is justified by the fact that it is one of the few summer gloves that is almost entirely made of leather. And it’s among the most attractive and cozy padded leather gloves money can buy.

#2 Gloves, Giro Monaco II Gel

 Gloves, Giro Monaco II Gel

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The Giro Monaco II Gel gloves come in a variety of stylish colors and are incredibly comfortable.

High-quality Pittards leather covers the whole palm of the glove. All the qualities you need in a high-end riding glove are combined in this kind of leather. Comfort, traction, toughness, and breathability.

For your summer rides, the fingerless Monica II Gel glove is ideal. The mesh top creates both a snug fit that’s nevertheless breezy and comfortable, while the Pittards leather guarantees perspiration has the ability to escape.

The rider doesn’t lose feel for her bike because to Giro’s Technogel, which reduces road noise and enhances comfort.

#3 Women’s Monica II Gel Gloves by Giro

 Women's Monica II Gel Gloves by Giro

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The women’s version of the men’s Giro Monaco II gloves are the Giro Women’s Monica II Gel gloves. This indicates that the colors and size are tailored toward women. Other than that, the gloves are the same.

So anticipate the same level of care, detail, and high-quality materials.

#4 Gloves, Hirzl Gripp Tour SF 2.0

 Gloves, Hirzl Gripp Tour SF 2.0

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The fingerless Hirzl Gripp Tour SF 2.0 gloves are a more understated choice for summer cycling.

Hirzl employs kangaroo leather instead of Pittards leather, which is made from sheep, utilizing its inherent strength to produce a glove with a pure road-feel and little padding.

Switzerland based Hirzl is a specialist in the manufacture of gloves, and their cycling gloves, which emanate a superior quality wrapped in an inconspicuous yet attractive design, are proof of this.

The gloves have a wrap-around kangaroo leather pull-off flap and an enforced pull-on help cuff as little but high-quality design elements. The upper of this summer glove is constructed of breathable, light lycra.

#5 Gloves by Hirzl Gripp Light SF

 Gloves by Hirzl Gripp Light SF

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The Hirzl Gripp Light SF gloves do not have any padding in order to maximize grip and feel, in contrast to the Gripp Tour, which uses padding to provide some additional comfort.

For individuals who desire as little pressure on their hands as possible, the entire rear of the summer glove is composed of airtech mesh.

A genuine gloveless experience that has all the comfort, breathability, and durability advantages of a leather cycling glove.

#6 Pro Sportful BodyFit

 Pro Sportful BodyFit

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Sportful has been producing clothes since the 1940s, but they didn’t begin producing cycling apparel until 1985. The professional cycling teams that Sportful sponsors, like Bora-Hansgrohe, utilize the same BodyFit Pro gloves. They are neat, uncomplicated, and cozy.

They have just the proper amount of flexibility to ensure a secure fit, and the bottom of the thumb has a microfiber towel for wiping away perspiration.

#7 P.R.O. Gel by Pearl Izumi

 P.R.O. Gel by Pearl Izumi

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The mid-range cycling gloves from Pearl Izumi, the Pro Gel, offer lots of padding. Excuse the name’s use of the term “Pro.”

A gel insert around the palm area provides the most cushioning. The cushioning has a special feature that makes it more breathable: air vents cover the gel inserts.

There is a sweat wipe below the thumb to clean them off if you perspire a lot.