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Top 9 Best Kid Biking Gloves in 2023

Depending on the child’s age and riding environment, children’s bike gloves have diverse functions. No of your child’s age, bike gloves can enhance their riding experience by assisting with grip, offering cozy padding on the palms, and serving as the first line of defense following a fall.

Cycling gloves are available in a variety of patterns and styles as well. Your child’s riding skills and intended use will determine which pair of gloves are suitable for them. Has your youngster recently begun riding a balance bike? Are they a seasoned rider of a pedal bike? Do they traverse mountainous terrain? For every one of these situations, we tested gloves!

Top 9 Best Kid Biking Gloves in 2023 on

#1 Children’s Bike Gloves Zippyrooz

 Children's Bike Gloves Zippyrooz

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The Zippyrooz gloves are ideal for the smallest riders because they have plenty of padding along the base of the palm, a soft and absorbent nose wipe, and incredibly simple pull loops at the end of the fingers. Given that balance bike riders sometimes fall (often!) hands first, the half-finger kids bike gloves with greater padding than the full-finger gloves are the best choice.

Half-finger gloves are also considerably simpler to put on, which is a major benefit for restless children. How about getting rid of them? Our testers were able to take off their gloves quickly, simply, and independently thanks to finger-loops that were sewed into the palm of each glove. The addition of a nasal wipe pad for runny noses makes Zippyrooz the perfect gift.

#2 Cycling Gloves Strider

 Cycling Gloves Strider

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The gloves from Strider are the ideal complement for the tiniest groms who desire the appearance of big-kid gloves. Strider’s gloves are the only ones that offer a “big-kid” style in gloves tiny enough to suit the youngest of toddlers, skipping over the colorful appeal element. Strider’s gloves have a superb fit and a big Velcro opening for simple on and offs.

Strider’s toddler and kids bike gloves are available in two different sizes (SM and LG) and styles, and are perfectly proportioned to fit the smallest hands (full and half-fingered). Ages 1 to 3 are suited for the small, which is only available in half-fingered. Ages 4 to 6 can use the big, which comes in full and half-fingered varieties.

Strider also provides a high-quality pad set that is especially made to suit toddlers and preschoolers as an added measure of security. Preschoolers can use a small and a large set of pads as elbow and knee pads. The smaller pair of pads can really be used as knee pads for toddlers and smaller children, and then as the kids become bigger, they may be utilized as elbow pads.

#3 Kids’ Louis Garneau Gloves

 Kids' Louis Garneau Gloves

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The Louis Garneau kids bike gloves are created with soft and robust fabrics that are sure to survive through years of use. They are a true little version of adult bicycling gloves. The gloves are effective and practical for even the smallest riders, with various cushioning pockets distributed throughout the palm, a lightweight, elastic layer on top, and a thick region around the thumb for a nose wipe.

The gloves come in two different designs; the toddler sizes come in a variety of entertaining patterns (some of which are pictured above), while the youth sizes are only provided in solid colors. The child and youth gloves come in a variety of sizes, so take your child’s hand measurement to ensure a good fit. On the direct listings of Louis Garneau, sizing charts are accessible (child gloves, youth gloves). Additionally, their gloves have a tendency to run a little small, so if in doubt, get a size larger.

#4 Hands-On Kids Gloves

 Hands-On Kids Gloves

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Although they aren’t nearly as robustly built, the Simply Kids bike gloves are remarkably comparable to our favorite Zippyrooz gloves. However, according to our testers, they have stood up well, and we discovered that getting them on and off was nearly as simple.

If you’re trying to choose between Zippyrooz and Simply Kids, your child’s preference for the appealing graphics will probably be the deciding factor. The majority of Simply Kids’ glove designs come with complementary elbow and knee protection, which is a distinctive advantage. If you love matching sets, Simply Kids has what you want!

#5 Jr. Giro Bravo

 Jr. Giro Bravo

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The Giro Bravo Jr. is a soft, reliable, and cozy option for dedicated young cyclists seeking premium half-finger gloves. The Bravo Jr.’s increased padding on the palm and the base of the thumb aids to absorb impact without making the hand too big for a firm grip.

Additionally, the Bravo Jr. has a large Velcro opening to make it easier for even the tiniest fingers to fit. Therefore, the Bravo is an excellent option whether your child’s bike has rough grips or they complain about having painful hands.

#6 Full Finger Zippyrooz

 Full Finger Zippyrooz

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Everything we adore about the Zippyrooz half-finger, plus full-finger protection! Zippyrooz are the greatest full-finger alternative for breathable trail riding gloves if you have a little grom on your hands.

For children aged two to four, full-finger bike gloves are scarcely available. Most young children don’t require full-finger protection, but experienced and aggressive riders who are already riding trails would undoubtedly benefit from it.

#7 Kids’ Giro DND Jr. bike gloves

 Kids' Giro DND Jr. bike gloves

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The Giro DND Jr. is the only glove you need if you’re an experienced rider looking for a smaller version of an adult glove. The DND gloves are made for more aggressive riders that require additional protection and grip strength whether shifting, braking, or just hanging on!

Our young testers really liked the DND gloves’ greater comfort due to their breathable, elastic, and moisture-wicking properties. A typical impact point for falls is a tiny pad located beneath the pinky at the base of the palm.

#8 Cycle La DND/Cycle DND

 Cycle La DNDCycle DND

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These gloves are a wonderful choice for adolescents who have outgrown typical kid sizes because they are the adult version of the Giro DND Jr. that we love for kids. Our tall 11-year-old already looks great in these gloves in size women big! Girls and boys can choose from a wide variety of colors and designs between the versions for women and men.

The wide terry cloth section for wiping perspiration (and snot! ) off one’s face, as well as the velvety suede palm, are favorites of our tween tester. The pull tab at the bottom makes them even easier to pull on, and the open flex points on the knuckles are a lovely addition for added comfort.

#9 100% Brisker Gloves for Cold Weather

 100% Brisker Gloves for Cold Weather

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The 100% Brisker gloves are the ideal choice for chilly journeys where extra warmth is often appreciated because they are neither too thin nor too thick. The 100% Brisker gloves come in a greater variety of colors and sizes, while not being as windproof as woom’s gloves. Because they do have a tendency to run a little small, size up. Our young tester, whose palm is 5 1/2′′, just about fits into the youth small.

They provide excellent protection without restricting mobility since they include an insulated upper shell and a moisture-wicking microfiber inner. The palm and the top of the fingers are lined with silicon graphics for added grip, especially in slick circumstances. The thumb also has a plush, absorbent nose wipe pad as an extra treat.