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6 Best Motorcycle Gloves in 2023

In addition to the actual riding, one of the best parts of being an avid motorcyclist is getting to purchase all the cool gear. Your gloves, however, are one item that is frequently forgotten. In all riding situations, an excellent pair of motorcycle gloves will fit you like a second skin and offer much-appreciated warmth and protection. Not to mention that they offer an additional layer of grip for secure control and safety. If you’re looking for a new pair of motorcycle gloves, have a look at our vast choice of high-quality options and our in-depth shopping guide, which will help you make sure you acquire the right pair for your needs.

Your natural inclination is to extend your hands and brace for impact, and motorcycle gloves will be your first line of defense, whether it’s a high side, low side, or little slip. When discussing motorcycle clothing, safety is undoubtedly our main priority, but gloves offer much more than crash protection. When riding in inclement weather or on a hot summer day, motorcycle gloves can keep you dry and warm. To assist you know what to look for when selecting the best gloves for you, I’ve produced a buying guide. A list of the top gloves available, ranked in a number of criteria, is also provided.

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#1 Touchscreen Motorcycle Gloves for Superbikes

 1 Touchscreen Motorcycle Gloves for Superbikes

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These soft, breathable, leather-palmed motorcycle gloves offer a nice balance between impact protection and comfort if you’re seeking for the best cruiser pair of motorcycle gloves that enable convenient storage and touchscreen use. Hard knuckle protection is provided, and the leather palms are reinforced.

For a snug fit, the cuffs include buttons. Additionally, you may use these buttons to button a pair of gloves together for easier storage when not in use. Although the goat leather material is softer and more durable than cowhide leather, it is not as abrasion-resistant as some synthetic gloves.

#2 Wtactful Motorcycle Gloves with Touchscreen

 2 Wtactful Motorcycle Gloves with Touchscreen

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These are marketed as tactical gloves with multiple uses, but they’re also among the best short cuff motorcycle gloves. These microfiber and polyurethane gloves’ 2019 and later models come with touchscreen-capable finger pads in addition to palm reinforcement. These gloves offer excellent abrasion resistance, enhanced knuckle protection, and a belt-style wrist fastening for added security and a tighter fit. Speaking of security, you should read our guide to motorcycle helmet locks if you want to prevent your bike helmet from being stolen.

The sizes range from 6.7 to 9.4 inches in palm circumference, however people with particularly large or tiny hands could find this range to be somewhat restrictive. Nevertheless, these are some of the most functional riding gloves available.

#3 Motorcycle gloves made of leather and perforated by Milwaukee

 3 Motorcycle gloves made of leather and perforated by Milwaukee

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These gloves, which are made of fine leather and are designed to match cruiser-style riding gear, have strengthened knuckle protection and gel-filled palms. They are perforated for greater cooling, and after breaking them in, reports state that they are incredibly comfortable. A break-in phase is anticipated, like with the majority of cowhide leather riding gear.

These leather gloves don’t have pre-curved fingers, unlike certain specialized moto gloves. Although they lack the touchscreen compatibility that other motorcycle gloves offer, they are typically quite adaptable and let you keep the majority of your finger dexterity. They are intended for long distance cruiser motorcycle riding, yet they can be utilized with any riding styles.

#4 TitanOps Motorcycle Gloves

 4 TitanOps Motorcycle Gloves

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With padded palms and firm knuckle inserts, these gloves are among the best motorcycle gloves for beginners thanks to their adjustable velcro palm straps and microfiber nylon finger pads. They also provide good grip maintenance and a decent balance of strength and breathability.

These gloves are completely machine washable, making them simple to maintain as well as tough on the road. They have good heat resistance, but they aren’t the tightest-fitting gloves on the market, so you might want to go with a smaller size with them.

#5 Men’s SMX-1 Air v2 Motorcycle Gloves, Alpinestars

 5 Men's SMX-1 Air v2 Motorcycle Gloves, Alpinestars

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These gloves, which have been CE-certified as motorcycle safety equipment, include reinforced synthetic suede palms and strong, abrasion-resistant toughened polymer knuckles. Your hands won’t completely lose their dexterity thanks to flexible inserts between the thumb and forefinger, and the polymer-blend side reinforcements add abrasion resistance.

These motorcycle gloves may not be as adaptable as some of the other protective gloves available for uses like hiking, climbing, gardening, and cleaning, despite the fact that they go extremely well with other sport-oriented riding gear. These gloves are among the best available for sport and road riding because of their superior leather and mesh construction, distinctive “stretch zones,” touch-screen-capable finger material, and other features.

#6 Full-finger street bike gloves in size

 6 Full-finger street bike gloves in size

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These nylon and polymer-mesh gloves are lightweight and breathable, allowing your hands to stay cool on warm days. They offer padded palms and tough plastic knuckle protection. They’re suitable for riding dirt bikes and scooters, even though they might not be the most durable options. They’re less expensive than any leather riding gloves we’ve seen and are even more affordable than many hardware and mechanics gloves.

Overall, the durability is good, but the wrist straps’ velcro-loop fastening is a little weaker than those on more expensive riding gloves. These gloves’ cuffs are likewise incredibly short.