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10 Best Running Gloves You Should Have in 2023

In a perfect world, we would all be able to run all year long in only a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. However, there’s a strong possibility that, unless you live in a warm climate, you’ll need to layer up during brisk fall and winter runs.

While running staples like running tops, jackets, and tights are frequently the focus of attention for runners, comfort during cold-weather runs also depends on your accessories, one of which is a nice pair of running gloves.

In addition to being uncomfortable, cold hands can make training seem longer than it actually is and make it difficult to open a gel mid-run or hit your Garmin to record your split.

Purchasing running gloves might be surprisingly challenging due to the extensive selection. To ensure that your hands stay toasty no matter what Mother Nature has in store, we have done the research, tested the goods, and selected the best running gloves.

#1 Training glove made of smartwool merino sport fleece

 Training glove made of smartwool merino sport fleece

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Jeff Dengate has been wearing a pair of the incredibly thin merino liners from Smartwool as his main pair of winter running gloves for years. When the weather gets bad, this improved model “may win me over,” he added. Naturally, it is still composed of merino; yet, despite being slightly thicker, it is not heavier than most polyester models. The glove outlasted normal running models in our freezer tests by a significant margin, and on the roads when we worked up a sweat, there was no contest. Your hands may become wet and you may become warm, but the merino retains the heat, keeping you cozy even when you stop moving. A windproof panel on the back of the hand and fingers increases warmth. The thumb and forefinger are supposed to be touchscreen compatible, according to Smartwool, but we couldn’t even get an iPhone to slide open.

#2 Convertible running gloves from TrailHeads

 Convertible running gloves from TrailHeads

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Our favorite feature of the TrailHeads is their adaptability for running in all three seasons. The extra mitt section can be stored safely without feeling cumbersome during the fall and spring. When winter arrives, the outer waterproof layer can quickly fend off precipitation and snow. Additionally, these gloves are simple to use with a touchscreen watch or phone because the fingers aren’t excessively lengthy and loose at the tips. Each glove is connected to its partner by small magnetic clasps, and the gridded fleece on the thumbs is soft enough to wipe a runny nose (or catch lone drips from a midrun snot rocket). Unfortunately, the wind cowl does not cover the thumbs, thus you should expect less weather protection for your opposable digits.

#3 Heavyweight ScreenTap Gloves by Black Diamond

 Heavyweight ScreenTap Gloves by Black Diamond

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Despite being one of the more expensive choices on this list, this Black Diamond option is well worth the splurge for runners who seek a nice blend of warmth and touchscreen dexterity. The Heavyweight ScreenTap model seems considerably more nimble to tap, scroll, and swipe on a smaller iPhone screen than some burlier mitts’ thick and blocky fingers. The gloves continued to outperform the competition in our freezer test. The right-hand glove fastens to the left with a convenient plastic clip, and the goat-leather palms on top of the silky mixture of polyester, nylon, and fleece help you maintain a solid grasp on your phone (or postrun mug of cocoa).

#4 Glove with Smartwool Liner

 Glove with Smartwool Liner

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Jeff says, “I’ll reach for my pair of these thin liners for everything from those first few 50-degree runs of fall down to January runs when ice covers roads.” You won’t overheat on warm days and you’ll stay warmer than in a similarly thin polyester model thanks to the merino wool’s superb temperature regulation. The fingertip and thumb of the glove may be used with your smartphone, and it is knit with acrylic for a little stretch and a better fit than wool alone. You may wear it all winter long without washing it because it is made of antibacterial wool and won’t develop a musty scent. But if it does require cleaning, do a mild cycle on your washing machine before hanging the pair to dry naturally.

#5 Reflective gloves by Nathan

 Reflective gloves by Nathan

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Photo director Amy Wolff said, “Warmer than you’d anticipate, these thin fleece-lined gloves kept my fingers, hands, and wrists comfortable through the coldest runs. “Some of the gloves I’ve tried claimed to be tech-friendly, but in the cold, using a phone was still challenging. Nathan’s plan is effective! A built-in “my nose is running” chamois to catch errant drips is one of the other delights. There is a small pocket for a single key or identification card, and the topographic detailing on the back of the hand is also extremely reflective. A tiny request would be for a clip to keep the gloves closed when not in use.

#6 Waterproof All-Weather Ultra Grip Knitted Glove by Sealskinz

 Waterproof All-Weather Ultra Grip Knitted Glove by Sealskinz

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Despite having the appearance of a regular knit glove, this one has three layers that ensure your complete warmth and dryness in all conditions. The gloves have a slightly crinkly feel thanks to the waterproof membrane sandwiched between the soft merino wool lining and the durable nylon shell, but they don’t make you feel suffocated like some other waterproof gloves can. The Ultra Grip’s heat retention in our freezer test was barely average. However, when worn for a run on a rainy, 35° night, the merino and membrane combined to trap heat and keep us warm. You can use a phone thanks to touchscreen-friendly fingertips and a rubberized palm. Choose high-viz yellow so that drivers of cars can see your hand signals.

#7 Black Diamond GridTech Gloves Wind Hood

 Black Diamond GridTech Gloves Wind Hood

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The subtle elements that actually distinguish this windproof and water-resistant glove were carefully considered by Black Diamond. In addition to providing a little bit more coverage that our testers with larger hands loved, the longer cuffs are smooth and flexible, great for keeping your wrists warm. The thumbs and index fingers are made more tech-friendly by the plastic-like tips, but their hardness made it difficult to tap an iPhone touchscreen.

The hood on the GridTech also covers the thumb, unlike the majority of convertible gloves, preventing you from being left with a single, frozen digit. When not in use, the extremely thin shield can be rolled up and kept on the cuff. Nevertheless, you’ll find it useful whenever it rains because of a Pertex Quantum Pro water-resistance treatment that causes raindrops to roll off. In spite of the fabric feeling thinner, we discovered through testing that the grid fleece glove effectively traps heat.

#8 Smart Running Glove by Zensah

 Smart Running Glove by Zensah

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You may be familiar with Zensah from its compression socks and calf sleeves, but the business also produces a fancy set of running gloves. It is one of the thinnest we tried, and when the wind really picks up, it doesn’t do much help, although it performs best early in the season or on chilly mornings. The fingers have a metallic-like fabric that works well on touchscreens, and the palms are sticky like a tree frog’s feet so you won’t drop your phone. This prevents you from repeatedly stabbing the shutter button in your camera app. Additionally, the fingers, which are actually facing automobiles while you run, have a lot of reflectivity.

#9 Breath Thermo Fleece Gloves by Mizuno

 Breath Thermo Fleece Gloves by Mizuno

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This Mizuno pair appeared to be quite ordinary based only on the outcomes of our freezer test, but that was before we put our hands inside them and gave them a test run. The fleece lining does a remarkable job of insulating close to your skin and trapping body heat despite its thinness. A particularly lengthy cuff also aids in keeping some of the heat in. The disadvantage is that for it to function, you must generate enough heat on the move. We discovered that the gloves kept our hands pleasantly warm on a tougher effort tempo-progression run on a chilly 41-degree morning run at the end of September. However, by the time we had completed a cool-down mile, our fingertips had grown numb. This pair is intended for runners who intend to maintain a quick pace while leaving their phone at home because it offers very little wind resistance and does not support touchscreen devices.

How Hot/Cold should it be to wear running gloves?

Knowing your needs is necessary before deciding which gloves on our list are suitable for you.

Do you need gloves to run in the cold? Or are you trying to find the best running gloves for chilly weather?

When the temperature drops to the mid-40s Fahrenheit, or approximately 5 to 6 degrees Celsius, most runners begin to wear gloves. This, however, can vary greatly based on your level of comfort, acclimatization, circulation, and the length of time you’ll be running outside.

Wearing gloves will preserve circulation and shield your fingers from pain or potential frostbite if your hands become cold, stiff, or swollen during or after a run.

Additionally, studies show that extended exposure to cold can lower mental attentiveness, which might increase the risk of accidents when jogging (source). Gloves are crucial for keeping your hands warm and secure.