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Best Women’s Boxing Gloves in 2023 Reviews

The most well-known boxing glove manufacturers only produce one style of unisex gloves, which are designed to accommodate both men and women. Men and women of the same gender can have quite different hand sizes, but people of the same gender can also have very different hand sizes.

However, some data suggests that, on average, women’s palms are smaller and more slender than men’s [1]. The thumb of men is somewhat shorter than that of women, according to another study [2].

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that many female fighters feel boxing gloves to be excessively loose inside due to the large pocket’s excess room and/or the absence of a tight enough wrist support.

Here is a list of the top boxing gloves for women in 2023 without further ado:

List of The Best Women Gloves for Boxing on

#1 Gloves for boxing, Cleto Reyes

 Gloves for boxing, Cleto Reyes

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One of the most well-known figures in boxing, Cleto Reyes is also the creator of some of the best gloves on the market. Make sure you’re utilizing gloves that are made with your striking requirements in mind when you’re practicing for a competition.

These gloves include several great characteristics, such as a cleverly crafted thumb and wrist support system that is constructed of 100% leather and waterproof nylon cushioning to keep your hands dry and guarantee you have a good training experience. These gloves have a wrap-around hook enclosure that never seems to slip, and they are also very comfortable. These gloves are excellent in terms of performance and comfort, coming in second only to the winning boxing pair.

#2 Professional Boxing Gloves that Win (Lace-Up)

 Professional Boxing Gloves that Win (Lace-Up)

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In the field of combat sports, winning is commonly recognized as the BEST BOXING GLOVES. The Japanese brand has maintained quality control over the years, which is more significant than simply maintaining brand respect. In contrast to other brands, there is no hype, and they are not dependent on sponsorships. The industry standard for professionals everywhere is now winning gloves. Simply fantastic gloves—no annual redesigns or silly marketing. The industry standard and a favorite of both serious amateurs and professionals.

#3 Pro Style Training Gloves by Everlast

 Pro Style Training Gloves by Everlast

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These professional-style gloves are designed to provide the best punching experience possible with a shape that easily conforms to your fist. In addition to preventing hand fatigue, the dual-layer foam padding is dense enough to offer good shock absorption.

Everlast Pro gloves are a great value for the money considering their price, however they should only be used for light bag work or non-contact cardio exercises.

Everlast Pro Style gloves are not what you want if you’re a serious boxer. Although the low price could be alluring, you will probably end up wishing you had spent more money on a superior pair. If you invest those extra dollars, your wrists will thank you!

#4 Boxing gloves for sparring that are RIVAL RS100

 Boxing gloves for sparring that are RIVAL RS100

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Although they can also be utilized for training, the Rival High-Performance Gloves are best for sparring.

Double-straps with ergo hook and loop are a unique feature that sets them apart from the competitors. Based on the size of their forearms, boxers are said to either “love it” or “detest it.” A great set of sparring gloves from Rival will keep your hands secure no matter how many rounds you fight in while offering excellent coverage.

The Rival RS got it into our top 10 list because of its 1.6 inches of excellent, soft cushioning, which makes it one of the best gloves for sparring.

#5 IMF Pro Fight Gloves for Ringside

 IMF Pro Fight Gloves for Ringside

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One of the top manufacturers of boxing gloves, Ringside, has a fantastic product in the IMF Tech Pro. You may throw quick punches because the hitting surface is lightweight and incredibly portable.

Although they are made more for use as sparring gloves, they work excellent as training gloves. Ringside’s Quick Tie Technology is not only a useful invention, but it also significantly improves the overall aesthetics.

These Ringside IMF Tech Boxing Gloves are made entirely of leather, giving them a “authentic” feel that makes us think of working on the canvas in old-school boxing gyms.

#6 Gloves with a Gel® Intense brand

 Gloves with a Gel® Intense brand

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An unrivaled combination of strength, performance, and protection is created by exclusive Gel Enforced Lining® and multi-layered foam cushioning. For champion outcomes, GEL® lining provides a layer that is both impact resistant and tailored form fitting. Extra support and security are provided by the tri-stacked GEL®-infused cuff’s 360-degree wraparound wrist strap and hook-and-loop fastening. A hand compartment liner made of moisture-wicking material promotes cool, dry, and comfortable workouts. This is one of the best gloves for bag work and sparring since it is made from high-quality full-grain leather hides.