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Why You Should Wear Motorcycle Gloves ? The Real Benefits

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Wearing motorcycle gloves is important. I am aware that gear may be a contentious subject. It’s your prerogative if you don’t think gloves should be worn. Simply sharing my motivation for wearing them is the aim of this post and video.

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Your level of comfort when riding is increased by wearing motorcycle gloves. Most of the vibration that riders can feel in their hands is absorbed by motorcycle gloves. Gloves can aid riders who frequently feel numbness and tingling, especially on extended rides. By preventing your hands from being dry and calloused, gloves add to your comfort. Especially if you work with your hands, this can be crucial.

My hands are really kept warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer when I wear gloves. No need to elaborate on how the assistance works in the winter. However, a decent pair of summer gloves with sufficient ventilation will keep your hands cooler in the heat. Gloves shield the skin from the sun’s rays so that it won’t burn. The fabric of summer gloves can “breeze” while the bike moves thanks to their ventilation. The skin is kept cool by this airflow.


You can hold your handlebar grips more firmly using gloves. Gloves help you focus better and ride safer by reducing hand and muscle fatigue.

Many bikers experience numbness or tingling after a ride. This is risky in addition to being uncomfortable. In order to ride your bike safely, you must have good hand feeling. Gloves with cushioned palms can shield your hands from the vibrations of the bike and prevent them from injury in addition to providing fall protection.

Even in the sweltering summer, gloves provide grip as another safety element. Your grasp may become shaky if your hands are perspiring from the heat. We are all aware that is bad. The majority of gloves contain grip-enhancing leather or silicone on the palms.


We all prefer not to consider falling or crashing, but if it does, you want to be protected. Consider this: When we believe we are about to fall, what do we do first? We extend our hands. Your body will naturally try to cushion the blow by bracing itself. So there you are, falling toward the ground with your hands out; even at 35 mph, this will cause some skin damage if you don’t have gloves on.

Another protection of wearing gloves is that they protect you from sunburns. Wearing clothing to protect your body from the sun is preferable to using sunscreen.

Deflecting bugs and road debris. Yes, protection from bugs and grit from the road. Have you ever experienced a 70 mph grasshopper slamming into your hand? It’s awful!


The style aspect of wearing gloves, in my opinion, is an extra plus. For both men and women, there are a huge variety of styles. The Speed and Strength Cross My Heart Gloves from Get Lowered Cycles are the gloves worn in this video.

Did I overlook anything? Do you ride with gloves on? Comment below and let me know.